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Reader's Journal is managed and operated by Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. and edited and published by Sichuan Reader's Journal Office Co., Ltd. for nationwide public distribution. Since its first issue in 1994, Reader's Journal has always followed its tenet and focused on its goal of "for the masses, matter-of-fact, diversification and high readability" by pursuing the matter-of-fact concept in news reporting, correct guidance of public opinion, inheriting historical culture and upholding the principals of humanism and care, allowing readers to be inspired by long-standing history and obtain spiritual comfort and resonance in their minds and hearts.

After over two decades of development, Reader's Journal continues to maintain a firm foothold in Sichuan with its clout spreadingthroughout the country with readers in over 40 large and medium-sized cities. In addition to conventional publishing models, new methods in publishing and channels are being explored and expanded with positive results.

The minds behind the Reader's Journal keep up with times and stay aggressive, meaning that while retaining the ways of traditional media, facets of new media are proactively developed in order to establish a full-spectrum media platform. Achievements thus far include the developing and operating "No. 1 Reader" (website and user terminal) and WeChat official account (Reader's Journal, Haha730, Kanxiongmao, Diyiman, etc.).

The Reader's Journal team expands its horizon and broadens its train of thought in the new historical period so that traditional media can interact with new media in content, and traditional publishing channel and new methods can be seamlessly connected, fully actualizing the perfect combination of "content + channel" in this era of full-spectrum media.

"No. 1 Reader" User Terminal

"No. 1 Reader" is the first nationwide reading platform developed by a state-owned company in China. Through the platform, users could engage in dialogues with thinkers and instill new enjoyment in reading. Multiple reading services available for readers will promote a nationwide reading trend and is conducive to the creation of a scholarly society.

Reader's Journal WeChat

Reader's Journal WeChat includes health, chicken soup for the soul and haha730 video.

WeChat Public Account: Haha730

Haha730" presents self-produced, self-directed, self-performed and self-filmed funny videos that aims to deliver fun and laughter at 7:30 pm every night.

WeChat Public Account: Kanxiongmao

"Kanxiongmao" offer texts, pictures and gif related to the giant panda, through which users can read up on the latest news andupdates about the panda at any time.

WeChat Public Account: Diyiman

"Diyiman" is an account with animation as its central theme and mainly targets the younger demographics.


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