Discovery of Nature

Discovery of Nature is an interesting popular science read, which has long been keeping up with the latest scientific development trends and ordinary life. The magazine invites renowned scientists, scholars and explorers in China to contribute articles for teenagers and popular science fans, introducing them to the latest information, spreading knowledge and promoting the spirit of science.

Through research and editing, the magazine integrates science and knowledge with arts, which is not only good for the physical and mental development of children and teenagers but also enhances their comprehensive quality.

The main feature of Discovery of Nature is “discovery”. It does not transfer scientific knowledge to readers in a simple way, instead, it shows the way in which knowledge updates, and the processes of seeking the truth, finding problems, and providing solutions, which is certainly not easy for scientists. Through these processes and the engrossing reading experience, readers can get a taste of the rough ride of scientific development, and feel the happiness in establishing scientific spirit, developing scientific thinking, and new innovation capability. As for topics and subjects, the magazine focuses on scientific frontiers and selects the latest trends and exploration stories for readers from life, medicine, the environment, space sciences, and geoscience. It is no exaggeration to say that Discovery of Nature is a great science magazine with contents and good taste.

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