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Health & Nutrition is the first high-end lifestyle magazine in China aimed at the “new middle class”, providing all-round nutrition guidance and health information. Taking “Fashionable & Practical” as the core of editing, it focuses on the theme of the healthy lifestyle of modern elites and their families. From the nutritional point of view, it shares the latest health concepts by spreading information and interpreting lifestyles, and guides readers in improving their health management for themselves and their families by reconstructing the relationship between health and nutrition so as to create fashionable lifestyles with a better quality.

Target readers: Married female groups.

1. Enjoy life, long for freedom, fashionable and with strong consumption capacity

2. Well-educated

3. Have a stable income, a social status, a voice in both family and career

4. Value or turn attention to the quality of life of themselves and their family members

5. Fond of pop culture, pursuing fashion, and showing a great capacity for accepting new things

6. Focused on self-fulfillment and self-realization and possessing considerable influence for social ideology

Distributed to the public both at home and abroad, there are 100,000 copies per volume for the print edition. Subscription is available in post offices all over China. The print edition is available in newsstands and national libraries. There is free subscription display in bank halls in some cities. E-journal channels include www.dooland.com, MAGV, qikan.com.cn, www.cnki.net and www.epubchina.com.

Joint and combined communications such as the print edition, Weibo, WeChat, App (College for Wives), and offline activities are striving for maximum communication of health and nutrition knowledge.



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