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Education Science Forum, started in 2005, is a professional educational theory and teaching research periodical issued at home and abroad. Sichuan Provincial Education Department and Sichuan Institute for Educational Research became its competent authority in 2015, and it was changed from a monthly into a biweekly publication. There are 24 editors in the editing department, both full- and part-time, bringing together the veterans, middle aged, and young people, and combining teaching, study, and research as a whole.

Focusing on quality, the journal follows the purpose of “Stick to Theoretical Characteristics and Close to Teaching Practice” and lays emphasis on theoretical and practical research based on basic educational practices. It gives prominence to academic research, practical guidance, rich contents and humanistic care, forming a precise, plain, sincere, and friendly style, and making remarkable achievements. Since 2009, Education Science Forum has been listed among the “Important Reprinting Sources” of the Periodical Literatures Reprinted by Renmin University of China. Since 2011, there have been over 20 articles a year of full text reprinted by the Information Center for Social Sciences, RUC, marking a quantitative leap.

In recent years, under the leadership and support of the Sichuan Institute of Educational Research, we have accomplished an integrative development of running the journal and holding academic activities, by seizing the opportunity to vigorously develop education and scientific research causes. We have built over 150 “community” member base schools including kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and 5 strategic cooperation units, and held over one hundred academic activities successively, attracting more than 15,000 teachers for research and training. While constructing excellent author and reader teams and running the journal, we also set up a wide platform for academic research, and provided services for educational and teaching practices, scientific research, and teachers’ professional development, as well as educational policy consulting. These helped in forming stronger development advantages and attracting concern and favor from schools at a basic level. In May 2015, the 3rd National Summit Forum for Educational Journal Reform and Development was held in Chengdu, providing a new stage and a higher platform for Education Science Forum.

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