www.9yue.com is a Winshare digital reading website. By digitalizing the traditional printed books and turning them into electronic books, this network service platform can provide convenience for people to search, read, buy, and share books they like

The online “Digital Library” brand under the website www.9yue.com is committed to providing a substantial reserve of electronic publications for secondary and primary school students with its intelligent and personalized services.

Development: having formed cooperative relationships with more than 320 publishing agencies for e-book copyright and offering over 100,000 types of publications, 9yue.com boasts over 4 million registered members, 200,000 daily page views, five million accumulated downloads from reading software terminals and more than 200,000 e-books in its digital library. In Sichuan province, 9yue.com has seen widespread adoption by over 2,000 schools and benefits more than one million primary and secondary school students.

Main honors: 9yue.com has been awarded numerous accolades including “model enterprise for digital publishing transformation” granted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. 9yue.com also undertakes research on digital copyright application projects for the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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