Educational Informationization

By focusing on establishing a “professional educational service operation platform”, Winshare makes use of professional talent, service channels and education and technical resources in order to realize its strategic transformation from a traditional printing industry into an educational service industry. This in turn facilitates its implementation of the O2O strategy, R&D and application of digital educational products and its establishment of an educational service cloud platform. In 2009, 2010 and 2012, Winshare set up professional offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai respectively and established close cooperation with authoritative educational management agencies, educational research institutions, IT organizations and educational publishing organizations. In line with scientific and technological innovation, Winshare strives to contribute to educational informationization and to promote the transformation and advancement of cultural industries.

In the field of educational informationization, Winshare received 29 patents and utility model patents. It was given the title of “digital campus”, “digital classroom” and was part of the drafting committee of the “mobile learning terminal”; part of the drafting committee of “digital campus”; a member unit of the "electronic teaching material" standards committee and was also on the local drafting committee of the Sichuan Provincial “electronic schoolbag”. The “Youke digital campus”, “Youke digital teaching application system” and “Youke campus management platform” have been established in 27 provinces, cities and regions throughout China. The “information technology products” have been widely applied in over 28 provinces, cities and regions. Sichuan Province has more than 4,000 schools, 25,000 classroom and over 1 million teachers and students. The “Youke educational service cloud platform”, “Sichuan Provincial public service platform of educational resources” and “Youke resources co-construction and sharing platform” - which were jointly built and developed by the united teaching and research institution, electronic teaching institution and scientific and technological institution of Winshare, have been widely applied on line, greatly promoting the development and advancement of the educational industry

In just a few years, Winshare has greatly promoted the wide application of IT in the education field in many regions. Jinkouhe District in Leshan became the first county-level district in China to set up the “Youke digital classroom”; all of the schools in Beichuan County have installed “Youke digital libraries”; the Shuangliu Tanghu High School in Chengdu became the first school to provide high-quality curriculum resources for “Youke satellite special classroom”; Guangxi became the first province to establish the “Youke digital education system”; Meishan city became the first city to establish the “education management platform”; and the “Sichuan Provincial public service platform of educational resources” became the representative of all provincial resources platforms in China jointly established by the government and companies. Presently, more than 5.56 million people have benefited from the high-quality educational resources classes and network learning spaces. The online platform “Youke Youxin”, a professional communication tool for providing convenience for the timely and highly efficient exchange between parents and teachers, has been well received by hundreds of thousands of parents.

Winshare’s achievements in the educational informationization field have been greatly appreciated by leaders of the central government, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government. They have furthermore been supported by governmental departments at different levels and widely accepted by teaching and educational institutions, teachers, students and parents. Winshare will take the initiative to serve the reform and development of the educational industry, meet the demands for educational informationization and contribute its share for the future and prosperity of the nation.




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