Childhood Times

Childhood Times is the official publication of Sichuan Provincial Young Pioneers. Founded in 1992, it is under the leadership of China Communist Youth League Sichuan Committee and sponsored by Sichuan Youth. Since 2005, it had been operated by Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., which is subordinated to Xinhua Winshare.

Childhood Times was granted “Double Benefits” (social and economic benefits) Journal of the Chinese Journal Matrix, Chinese Children Journal Excellence Award, Sichuan Provincial First Grade Journal, Journal Award of Sichuan Publication Award and National Advanced Journal for Earthquake Relief Publicity and Report. It is also an “Excellent Children’s Journal Recommended to Chinese Teenagers and Children by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television”, listed among Sichuan Provincial Construction of Rural Book-house Project journals and subscribed by elementary and secondary school libraries in Sichuan for years. It has won the provincial-level special fund subsidy for publicity and cultural development for many times.

Childhood Times is a biweekly journal, publishing 100,000 copies per month, ranking top of its kind in Sichuan with excellent brand appeal and market influence.

The journal has long been devoted to promoting children’s reading. It has organized the “Scholarly Campus, Reading Good Books and Journals” activity and attended the classic reading activity of the “Diary Read Speedy Digest” program on CCTV. Millions of primary and secondary school students in Sichuan are attracted by its sponsored activities such as the “Ma Xiaotiao National Invitation Tournament of School Plays”, “Yang Hongying’s Laughing Cat Imitation Show” and “Book Donation to Teenagers in Sichuan Earthquake-stricken Areas and the Education of a Healthy Personality”.

In recent years, Childhood Times has been subsidized by the “Youth Pioneer All Media Center for Minority Language and Mandarin” bilingual program, the provinvial-level publicity and cultural development special fund for several times. Among them, Childhood Times Snowland Galsang Flower, written in both Tibetan and Chinese, is the only bilingual young pioneer publication. The donation covers 32 primary and secondary schools at county-level in Sichuan-Tibetan areas. The journal has been working on the editing, publication and distribution of a bilingual version in Yi and Mandarin.

Chinese Standard Serial Number:CN51-1475/C

International Standard Serial Number:ISSN 1673­-9817

Publication frequency:Fortnightly

Price: RMB 8.00

Price of a year: RMB 96.00

Postal distributing code: 62 – 4 (higher and middle stages of schooling), 62 – 114 (lower stage of schooling)

Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd.

Sichuan ICP prepared 16028607-1 Winshare Publishing

Add:#6 Wenxuan Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan