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Tiandi Press is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinhua Winshare Publishing & Media Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Xinhua Winshare”). It was established in 1995 and is a comprehensive publishing house that mainly publishes children's books, books on social science and literary works. At present, Tiandi Press has three branch offices: the comprehensive branch office, the "Tiandi Kids" branch office, and the Chengdu branch office. It also has two wholly-owned subsidiaries - Beijing Huaxia Winshare Books Co., Ltd., and Beijing Shuchuan Xinhua Bookstore Book Distribution Co., Ltd. Besides the two subsidiaries, it has one holding subsidiary - Sichuan Times English Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment, Tiandi Press has published more than 5,000 kinds of books, more than two hundred kinds of which have won important prizes at the national and provincial levels. For example, Lei Feng was selected as one of the best works of the 12th "Five-one Project"– a project that aims at developing socialist culture and ethicslaunched by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China;Let Lanhui Tell the Worldwas selected as one of the best works of the 13th "Five-one Project"; China's Archaeology of the Tibetan Area (10 volumes) was the finalist of the 4th China Publishing Government Award for Best Books;The Red Boat was selected as one of the best works of the 14th Sichuan provincial "Five-one Project".All these books have formed extensive and far-reaching influence on all sectors of society.

Over the years, Tiandi Press upholds the principle of producing quality books and has developed and published a large number of highly acclaimed and best-selling books of good quality, such as the simplified Chinese edition of The Story of Civilization series by Will Durant, The History of Chinese Literature by Ch'ien Mu, My Year of 1997, the Biography of Yang Jiang, Things You Need to Know About the Palace Museum Told by The Curator, In This Life, Do Take Care. by FengZikai and other classic series on humanities and social sciences; Tiandi Press has also introduced from other countries many best-selling fictive works, among which are The Divergent series, The Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series, The Southern Reach trilogy (winner of the 2015 Nebula Award for Best Novel) by Jeff VanderMeer, The Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin whose first two titles are the Hugo Award winners for Best Novel in 2016 and 2017 respectively. These series are well received by the Chinese market. In the area of children's books, the Paw Patrol series as well as the Hansheng Chinese Fairy Tales series have taken China by storm and become well-known brands for children.

Relying on the resource advantage and the channel support provided by Xinhua Winshare - the parent company and the only publishing company in China listed in both A and H share markets, Tiandi Press implemented a comprehensive innovative reform and a management mechanism restructuring at the end of 2016, since which, the operational center of Tiandi Press has been relocated to Beijing, thus beginning a new journey as a publishing sub-group with cross-regional comprehensive modern business layout.With the advantage of Xinhua Winshare's sales channels, Tiandi Press enjoys strong channel capabilities in book distribution: the distribution team of Xinhua Winshare, which has been incorporated into the management of the Tiandi Press Sub-group, has hundreds of team members in major cities across the country, forming a powerful book distribution and marketing service system; Meanwhile, the distribution team has established good cooperative relationships with mainstream airport bookstores, online bookstores, and e-community dealers. In addition, Tiandi Press also has the strong support of the direct selling channel of Xinhua Winshare.

Faced with the opportunities and challenges of the digital publishing trend, Tiandi Press actively pays attention to the application and development of new technologies in the publishing industry and the trend of new business patterns.Focusing on the management of copyright assets, the company takes a pragmatic approach in publishing traditional paper books, accruing brand value and boosting competitiveness. Meanwhile, Tiandi Press keeps pace with the times to intensify the cultivation of new-type publishing talents, continuing to carry out micro-innovations and actively exploring the “content +” business which includes various forms of digital publishing so as to adhere to a convergence development. Tiandi Press is the first exemplar of digital publishing in the Xinhua Winshare Group, and one of the first transition exemplars to digital publishing in Sichuan Province.

In 2017, Tiandi Press adopted a new logo, which is an artistic presentation of the Chinese character "天" (literally meaning “heaven” and pronounced "tian"). It symbolizes the harmony of heaven and earth. Tiandi Press is dedicated to integrating high-quality publishing resources, actively participating in the national publishing competition, adopting a strategy of balancing endogenous development and extensional development, exploring fission-like development models, and facilitating the company's development scale, brand-building and group formation which is efficient, unique and based on a brand-new publishing layout.


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