Pictorial for Infants

Pictorial for Infants is a preschool children’s periodical sponsored by Sichuan Children’s Publishing House Co., Ltd. and under the leadership of Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. The publication has multiple purposes: to provide children with the best nurturing and to improve their IQ and EQ; to inspire parents to share happiness and sweetness; to let children experience the moving warmth of the true, the good, and the beautiful in the world; to allow children to experience the happiness and meaning of growth through the loving care and guidance of their parents and their imperceptibly touching nurture; and to let parents taste the richness and values of family and the essence and eternity of life through the small joys and advances of their children, and the bonding and intimate parent-infant interactions. The pictorial always insists on providing preschool children with healthy and beneficial food for the mind so as to guide them in forming habits of thinking and acting. It pays attention to the physical and mental characteristics and hobbies of infants as well. The integration of art, fun, knowledge, entertainment, and education, the vivid contents and form are favored by parents and children alike.

Publication frequency: MonthlyVolumes per year:12

Price per volume: RMB 10 Number of pages:48

Chinese Standard Serial Number:CN51-1709/Z International Standard Serial Number:ISSN1674-3539



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